THE DANCE OF LOVE based on John 14:1-14

During this time of COVID19 shutdown we are spending our time differently, as families. We have no option but to remain at home and so our time together is more intimate because we cannot separate out too far. So time is spent playing games, talking more around the table about all imaginable subjects and topics maybe even religion?? In homes of young children, mothers are front and centre, thinking up fun games, finding dressing up clothes, baking etc alongside home schooling. Close proximity is again being experienced within family groups. Love is being redefined as we spend each day relearning patience and grace with each other. Our human dance of love centred upon mother’s figure, has a new tune, a new rhythm is developing. Today we remember as we thank God for our mothers. The women who soothed us when we were sick or hurt; patiently helping us grow into the wider world, to be loving,caring, gentle and honest human beings.

My own mother died young and I was too young to lose her. She was ripped from my life, leaving me shattered and broken for a while. Grief became too familiar until with the help of loving family and friends, I could make adjustments and found a new way of normal living.

Jesus message today is for all of us, not only mothers. “Do not let your hearts be troubled! Trust only in God and trust in me”. I slowly had to learn this truth, that however the circumstances threaten us, trust in God and the Christ has the power to quiet troubled hearts and souls and bring peace.

Jesus calls Himself The Way, The Truth and the Life. In a way  motherhood at its best is a pale reflection of this- she teaches and guided her children towards the Godly Way, Truth and Life. At best mothers sow the seeds for this in their children’s hearts.

Two of the disciples, Thomas and Phillip, both asked Jesus to show them the Father as they struggled to understand. Jesus response is ” anyone who has seen me, has seen the Father”. Jesus perfectly expresses the person of God in human form. This is why we call the Gospels the Good News. This is why we should become  familiar with them and come to know the Son of God, who is in full harmony with the Father’s will.

Jesus then says “whatever you ask in my name, shall be done”. Friends if you have yet to experience the Christian power to do great things for God, then know that this power comes and is rooted in prayer. When we  pray intentionally to God through Jesus’ name, something opens within us and we receive a sense of God’s will for us. It is never that we perform miracles, but prayer allows Christ to work through us.

How then do we experience the presence of Jesus Christ when we cannot see Him with our eyes. We can and do sense Him in our hearts and souls as we love and obey Him. Jesus comes to us whenever and wherever we are, calling us by name. Mothers call their children by name and they know her voice for it conveys her love and  willingness to share in their lives. So much more, God desires nothing more than we hear His voice and live an abundant life. Not a life of peril, danger and pain, but a life without fear, measured by endless Grace as you and God dance to the beat of His love. God after all is the parent of humanity.


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