Follow One Girl’s Journey with Christ from Wilderness to Wholeness

A traveller went on a long journey to visit a Persian mountain village where the entire population weaved splendid silk rugs that graced many palaces and noble homes, in the land.

This village was unique because the skilled weavers sat at one end of the large loom and at the other end sat all the children as yet novices and young semi- skilled weavers who inevitably made many errors in the pattern and colours of the rug, along the way. No one ever pointed out their mistakes although the most gifted weaver kept one eye on what was taking place at the other end of the work. Quietly, spotting some error he would weave the mistakes into his end of the rug including them so they became part of the whole pattern and colour of the beautiful rug. Once the whole rug was complete the miracle became apparent, no mistakes could be seen only the perfection and beauty of a beautifully and perfectly woven rug, a true work of art. (Anonymous)



Kathleen Bush has gone through a lot in life. And I admire her for her resilience and bravery when things went south. I enjoyed reading every bit if her life story. The author’s life may not be the typical life we know, but the fact remains that one can learn plenty of lessons through her story. By reading Whispers I got to understand that no one is sure of a perfect and smooth ride in this world. Life may be a rollercoaster but by trusting in God, one is able to achieve even the impossible. No one knows us better than God.

The main reason I enjoyed reading this book is that it is a light read that is full of encouraging words. Kathleen’s story inspired me. Her style of writing is excellent and easy to read. I would recommend this book to readers who like real life stories and motivational books. You will not only be encouraged but also live the author’s life through her words.

—Pacific Book Review